experience with the project melismas (residence with christian galarreta)

June, 2021

MELISMAS (voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes).
Residences and sound-walk series by Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta

« This initiative is based on the ideas I applied when making the field recordings for “Melismas (voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes)”. This was a radio piece recently broadcasted by Q-O2/Oscillation Festival – Tuned v Circuits (Brussels) and which has been re-broadcasted by the online radio stations Kool Kast (France) and Ma3azef – Badlcukwind show – (Tunisia). »

call for participants : https://vimeo.com/547196368


So my friend, brother, sister, peruvian artist Christian Galarreta Pando invited me to his residence in Demre, Turkey. We had very special good crazy times together recording anatolian landscapes like crazy, hear all the modulations in the air, be ready anytime for the azan*, listenning to it early in the morning, late in the night. We walked like CABRITOS in mountains, by the sea with the heat and we’ve been through magical and antic places.

We had different types of sound-walks, sportives and meditatives, blindfolded.

Ditirambos !

From the main road, on the top of the hills, from the kingdom of the wild pigs, in the trees, from the dunes, the listening is different and the azan arrives like in a dream. A polyphony is produced by all the singers in the mosques, and their voices, filtered by the megaphones and the acoustic of the place you’re listenning, oscillate, brush against each other, forming canons and natural dreamy musical layers.


LISTEN SABAH (morning) : On the top of the hill. First call to pray,early in the morning and also the last one i recorded before to live Demre. (EQS: Chrs)

LISTEN SABAH (morning) in the Hatice corridor.

We had time,place, freedom to think and to be, together in this paradisiacal place of the Mediterranean.

Thanks to Margaritta Milova for pictures, delicious food, sharing, Ivan Bilibine etc


Also, many things appeared to me, and I metamorphosed into a wild pig, a masked ancient theatrical character, a blue bird; i’ve been half human half fish, swimming with my incest.

*The Azan is the Islamic call to pray, sung
by a muezzin at prescribed times of the day
from a high Minaret placed in a mosque

Allah est plus sexy que Jesus-Christ !

Ala es mas sexi que jesucristo !

аллах сексуальнее иисуса криса !