Future eve album


1.Future Eve (theme) 06:10
2.She Is… (a hashtag) 02:32
3.Nausea (ad nauseam) 02:54
4.Titan 03:36
5.Loving Grace 01:15
6.Des forêts 03:12
7.Xenobots 01:18
8.Canto liminal 01:11
9.Future Eve (manifesto) 05:26

à propos

Audio version of FUTURE EVE, live multimedia performance by General Humanity, first shown at Gallery Hinterconti, Hamburg, 12 June 2022. 

The performance was part of the festival blurred edges 2022.


paru le 1 août 2022 

Ingrid Hoelzl: concept, voice, text, baby guitar, clarinet 
Bianca Hein: concept, voice, text, saxophone, video, botyoga 
Heloise Francesconi: electr. comp., text, modular synt, voice 
David Jhave Johnston: text, voice 
Remi Marie: editing, artistic advice 
Toni Belleche: copy editing Spanish 

Mixed by Heloise Francesconi, Marseille, July 2022.

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