future eve, performance(ingrid hoelzl, bianca hein, heloise francesconi)


Filmversion of multimedia performance by GENERAL HUMANITY. Copyright 2022. All rights reserved. Video editing: Bianca Hein. Sound editing: Heloise Francesconi

First presented on 12 June 2022 at Gallery Hinterconti, Hamburg as the final performance of the General Humanity Lab 5 (June 2022). The event was part of the blurred edges festival 2022 funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and the Hamburger Kulturstitung.

Emerging out of General Humanity’s previous projects the multimedia performance FUTURE EVE: Seven Songs about Feminism, Transhumanism, and Neoliberalism advocates the existential openness of human life in the face of ever increasing biodigital control.

Participating artists: Bianca Hein (video, text, voice); Ingrid Hoelzl (text, voice, clarinet); Heloise Francesconi (composition, live electronics, voice); Remi Marie (text editing); David Jhave David Johnson (text, voice); Toni Belleche (Spanish editing).

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